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Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation to upgrade existing 6kW Solar PV System – Thaxted, Essex

Electrasolar are the nominated, approved and certified installers for Tesla Powerwall Battery storage systems in East Anglia, so we were put in touch with Barry following a direct sales order of a Tesla Powerwall 2 to their European Operation in Amsterdam. Following my completion and submission of a comprehensive Tesla Self-Survey, including all the technical details, of our existing, large (6kW) Solar PV system, Barry was immediately in touch over the phone to discuss our requirements and book a date for installation. This was all made and accomplished within 5 weeks of us placing the order with Tesla, which is remarkably quick given the currently quoted lead-time of 4-6 months (March 2018).

Barry and his technical assistant Jon, duly arrived just after 8am on the installation day to be greeted by appallingly bad, wet weather – not good for major electrical installations, outdoors. Not to be beaten however they pulled out a large gazebo from the van and set about establishing a workbench and dry working area to do the installation. They then proceeded to work tirelessly and efficiently to wall mount the Powerwall 2 unit (an achievement in itself as they weigh some 150kg!) and then to wire it and connect it to our existing Solar PV system and our consumer unit. Great care was taken to ensure all wiring, trunking, mounting and hardware were not just screwed to the wall wherever, but carefully and meticulously located and installed to look neat, professional, safe and well designed. Working with existing hardware in sometimes difficult to reach places and confined roof-voids, they managed to wire everything up seamlessly and neatly. They then connected and updated the Gateway (the system’s central control unit) to our domestic Wi-Fi LAN and hence to the Internet to link with Tesla’s servers. Finally, they commissioned the unit to the DNO’s Standards (in our case UK Power Networks) in order to self-certify its output and meet the numerous regulations in this area. Barry works very closely with the relevant DNO and knows many of the crucial team members for Registration of Microgenerators by name, so that the whole process of obtaining DNO approval, either via the so-called G59 or G83 processes depending on the output rating of the system, is seamless and stress free. They were finished by 5pm, so around 8 hours altogether with a break for lunch.

Barry and Jon are highly professional, efficient, knowledgeable, creative at problem solving and most of all, highly skilled electricians, as well as being immaculately tidy and considerate (even in monsoon conditions!). They also have a great sense of humour and are fun to have around. Their customer service is second to none and their various certificates, commendations and accreditations are all testament to their knowledge and skills in the Solar PV market, which can sometimes be somewhat of a minefield. The installation of our Powerwall 2 was a textbook operation in every sense and I have no hesitation in recommending Barry and Electrasolar to anybody who is considering investing in a new Solar PV system, or is considering upgrading an existing system with a storage solution, like the Tesla Powerwall 2. Brilliant & faultless, can’t recommend anyone better.

RDH, Thaxted


4kW Solar PV in Huntingdon

I can’t recommend Barry enough. If you want a quality job then I’d pay extra to use him! Just little details like proper external trunking, proper documentation etc. They even swept the roof of moss after doing the job. Already recommended to one friend who used them and was delighted, another friend went with a cheap outfit instead and have a system that is barely safe and they missed out on 6 months of FIT payments because they mucked up the paperwork; no such issues with Electrasolar!


4kW Solar PV installation St Neots

This company is excellent from start to finish.

Barry gives you a detailed quote with no hidden extras, a specific date for them being there, I just left them with a key they finished job in two days you would never had known they were there.  After installation Barry came around with a detailed folder itemised for each area of the work.  Apart from having to fill in a couple of forms Barry dealt with everything through to registration.  Like I said an excellent company I would and have recommend them to anyone.


Solar PV popularity causes government to decrease Feed in Tariffs

With continuing increases in the popularity of Solar PV, the government has indicated that solar feed in tariffs for new installations will decline by 3.5% in April 2015…

Solar PV installation in Earith – 3.4kW

Electrasolar take their job seriously; clear, honest advice and attention to detail at all stages.

S.D., Earith


Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive announced

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Solar PV FiT rates to drop by 3.5% in April 2014

Ofgem have confirmed that for new Solar PV installation from April 2014, there will be a drop in the Feed In Tariff. For a ‘typical’ domestic solar panel installation this means a 3.5% drop in income from Feed In Tariffs. … Continue reading

Domestic Solar PV installation in Huntingdon – 4kW

I just wanted to say thanks to you and Colin for a great job on the solar PV. The work was done quickly and extremely neatly (in terms of install itself and cleaning up after the work) and the microinverter system looks great. I’m looking forward to many years obsessing over how much power it is generating, even when I’m away from the house, courtesy of the associated app! I’d recommend you to anyone!

G.T., Huntingdon


Solar PV Installation

We asked several companies to quote for the installation of a solar PV system. Most were quickly ruled out because they were either, vague on the details of what equipment they would provide or on the cost of the work, or, they were just unlikeable!

Our final choice was between two companies, Electrasolar and A N Other. We eventually chose Electrasolar as they took the time to help us understand how we could draw maximum benefit from our investment. They also provided a full breakdown of what equipment would be used and how much it would cost. The installation was arranged and completed quickly and efficiently, and within the agreed price.

In summary, Electrasolar – Barry and his dad, provided a very friendly and efficient service; they even went the extra mile when repairing a hole in our roof felt that was not part of the agreed job. Excellent company would not hesitate to use them again.