Solar PV Blog

Welcome to the Electrasolar PV blog. Electrasolar are a Solar PV company based in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, UK. We design and fit Solar Photovoltaic systems to both domestic and commercial properties. This blog has just been created (July 2011) and it is our intention to keep you up to date of Solar PV news :

  • New developments in products and technology;
  • Related news about legislation and updates from the government in the Solar PV sector;
  • and news about our own business and our experiences installing and maintaining both domestic and commercial Solar Photovoltaic systems.

Feed in Tariffs frozen until May 2013

The Solar PV Feed In Tariffs have been frozen by Ofgem until 1st May 2013, following disappointing new Solar PV installation numbers.   See the 1st February 2013 – 30 April 2013 Feed In Tariffs on the OFGEM website.